Sunday, January 30, 2011

So I'm not normally a horoscope kind of guy...I don't take them seriously, and I don't usually even check them.  (Okay that last part may be more of a function of how seldom I read any kind of daily media, but still) Mainly because there are so many different and conflicting ones, and how most of the time they have nothing useful to say whatsoever.  However, since today is my birthday, I thought I'd make an exception and take a little look see at what people are saying.  So, just for kicks here's my horoscope from a few sources. 

My horoscope according to the BBC:


30 Jan 2011
The end of January already. Where did the time go? This is quite a nostalgic Sunday for you, Aquarius, but you might be berating yourself for things not achieved this month that you wish you had done. Don't be too hard about it. After all, you have still have another eleven months to go in 2011

According to the Waterloo Record online:

Flashes of insight may be quite profound now, whether they come to you through dreams or in your waking hours. The combination of the Moon and Neptune can increase your psychic awareness. Who needs John Edward when you also possess the sixth sense? Listen to your heart.
From the Toronto Sun online:
Your horoscope for January 30
Happy Birthday: Too much, too soon will be your downfall. Take your time and be calculating and cautious and the right moment will come for you to pursue your dreams, hopes and wishes. Let your intuition guide you, not your impatience or desire for recognition. Your numbers are 6, 11, 16, 21, 28, 33, 45
Birthday Baby: You are unique and original but also practical and cautious. You are reluctant to give up your goals to help others.
CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Wilmer Valderrama, 31; Christian Bale, 37; Charles S. Dutton, 60; Vanessa Redgrave, 74
and the specifically Aquarius portion:
Show interest and concern for the underdog. Love is in the stars and your ability to offer more than you have in the past will be well received by someone looking for equality. A job prospect is apparent. 4 stars

Some interesting tidbits mixed up in there I suppose.  I'd say the most interesting thing would have to be that I share a birthday with the coolest Batman ever.  I certainly hadn't appreciated that before, fun fact.  Also, "psychic awareness" and "John Edward"? Wow, Record, I'm disappointed in you...even for a horoscope!
I'm always amused by the lucky numbers idea.  Clearly influenced by the lottery companies?  Other than pick these numbers to gamble on, what am I supposed to do with them?  Should I only trust people that are these ages? 

Also interesting is some of the phrasing..."show interest and concern for the underdog".  Interesting use of the word "show" meaning presumably that it doesn't matter whether I actually "have" any interest and concern as long as I appear to do so. 

Ahh well I could pick these apart all day, but I do have other things that I should probably be doing, so I'll leave it at that for now.  What are people's thoughts on horoscopes in general?

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  1. I like reading them because they're usually pretty amusing. If I'm reading a paper I'll check them out, because they're there. But, I do make a point of checking out on the one on Cosmo's site. They're usually pretty fun and a tad sexy since it's, you know, Cosmo. Some days they'll give you different ones for if you're single or attached. Fun to see if my day is going the way they said it would :)
    Also, happy birthday my friend!