Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is it January Already?

Wow, so my birthday is in 25 days for those of you keeping track in our studio audience!  I can't believe it's already January, and classes have already started again for the semester.  Not much of a break between semesters this year...actually it was a fluke that I found out classes started this week and not next, I was asked for my availability at work and so I pulled it up on the computer to hand in.  Then I said "oh I think it starts on the 10th" and my assistant manager said, "oh really? I thought it was earlier than that." When I doublechecked I discovered (thankfully) he was right!  So at least I didn't miss any classes. 

Seems like a good lineup of classes so far...only one left that I haven't had yet, for which I leave in about half an hour.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that it turns out to be good too. 

So last semester I slacked a bit and my marks reflect that. I'm going to see what I can do to make more of an effort this semester to bring them back up.  Last semester it was just one of those "holy hell is it really the end of October already?" realizations, where I was way behind in work and playing catch up...hence the title of this post is serving dual purpose as a reminder to me how quickly I can fall behind if I'm not paying attention.  Hopefully that'll work!

Anyway, this is kind of a rambling post about nothing, more stream of consciousness than anything, so I will call it a halt for now.  Perhaps I will elaborate on my classes later on tonight when I get back from work (which I have to go straight to after my last class, whee!)


  1. I like rambling! It can be good sometimes :) Just not all the time, lol. But really? You almost forgot classes started this week? I'm not even in school anymore and I knew that :P haha. I look forward to hearing about your classes!

  2. I find time goes fast especially when I'm in school because I'm so focused on school work.